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We are manufecturer of Testing Equipments group in Turkey. we can install all kind of lab.and supply their equipments. -Concrete Group Testing Equipments. -Soil Group Testing Equipments. -Asphalt Group Testing Equipments. -Aggregate Group Testing Equipments. -Metal Group Testing Equipments. -Measure Group Testing Equipments. -General Measurings Group Testing Equipments.
Country: Turkey

Materials Testing Equipment Ltd is a long established manufacturer and supplier of civil engineering laboratory testing equipment. We specialise in supplying equipment to the construction industry where testing of materials like Aggregates, Asphalt, Concrete and Soils is required.

Offers non-destructive leak testing services such as consulting, testing, and training.
Country: United States

We are a full service home inspection company in San Diego certified by InterNACHI and the IAC2. We offer a wide range of inspection services. Our services include: * Residential general home inspections * Residential commercial inspections (Apartments / rental units) * Tenant move-in, move-out inspections * New construction inspections * New home warranty inspections * FHA/HUD and VA foundation inspections for manufactured homes * REO / Foreclosure inspections * Moisture testing, including concrete slabs * Lead paint testing* * Mold testing* * Radon testing* * Asbestos testing* * Water quality testing*
Country: United States

Independent commercial laboratory specializing in testing and inspection of concrete, soil, and structural steel.
Country: United States

Providing HVAC testing, adjusting and balancing, and cleanroom performance testing.
Country: United States

Sells concrete testing equipment and provides testing services in the UK and Ireland. Hammond Concrete Services have been for over 20 years hiring and supplying testing and monitoring equipment to the construction industry. Success has been built on a comprehensive range of equipment which can be supplied nationwide next day. This service includes arrangement for collection.

Leaders in Quality Assurance for Pile Foundations and Super Structures in India. Provides Services For Low Strain Pile Integrity Testing, High Strain Dynamic Pile Testing, Cross Hole Sonic Logging, Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity, Rebound Hammer Testinge etc. Has provided testing services for all major metro rails, railways, power projects, flyovers and bridges, major real estate projects in the country
Country: India

Residential home inspections, radon testing and carbon monoxide testing.
Country: United States

We specialize in construction piling pile foundation shoring deep excavation support anchoring tie back stressing geo tech geotech pile load test pda testing sonic integrity testing contiguous piling secant piling tube well grouting shotcreting transmission lines design
Country: Pakistan

Matrix laboratory was established in May 2004 Matrix laboratory L.L.C is located in Dubai, UAE. In adtion to that our branch is functioning in Abu Dhabi as Matrix laboratory International L.L.C Matrix laboratory is aiming to be one of the leaders on the field of geotechnical investigation and material testing. Persuit of perfection is our way of thinking. Matrix Laboratory has Invested in a wide range of geotechnical investigation rigs, in addition to the latest side and laboratory testing equipment and tools, to enable us to provide a quality services to our clients, meeting all of their needs and expectations. Matrix Laboratory is managed by a group of professionals leading a competent and experienced staff, comprising of geotechnical and material engineers, lab technicians and special testing engineers and technicians. Equipment and technique used are in accordance to international standards and specifications. All specialist equipments are owned and we purchased from leading European and American Testing equipment manufacturers. Have state of the art technologies, experienced and highly qualified technical and administrative staff, we can boost of excellence in projects undertaken and client satisfaction.

Advanced Geotechnical Engineering Services,popularly known by its acronym AGES, has been a major provider of geotechnical engineering services since 1986 in the Philippines and abroad. It initially offered soil investigation and material testing services. A decade after, it pioneered Dynamic Pile Testing in the country. It was AGES respond to the marketís clamor of quality assurance for the widespread use of driven and board piles in the filed of construction.
Country: Philippines

The following are the services that we provide. If you have any questions about these services or if you would like a price sheet, please contact us. Nondestructive Testing Are methods of testing parts or materials for cracks or flaws (discontinuities) without damaging the part/ material. *The following are the NDT services we can provide. * UT- Ultrasonic testing gives information about subsurface as well as surface conditions it utilizes longitudinal waves as well as shearwaves and surface waves. It will determine material thickness, the presence of a defect or the characteristics of a material. * MT- Magnetic Particle gives information about surface and near surface condtions, it is used primarily to locate surface cracks and is especially useful for locating fatigue cracks in ferromagnetic materials. * PT- Penetant inspection gives information about surface conditions only and is used to locate surface defects in magnetic and nonmagnetic materials like aluminum, some stainless steels, titanium and some nonmetals. * VT- Visual gives information about the surface condition of a material, is used to evaluate weld quality and can be used with visual aids such as flashlights, mirrors or borescopes.
Country: United States

Designs and manufactures electronic control equipment for the road and pavement industry. RMSD Limited products are completely designed and developed in house. Quality control and testing procedures are established as an integral part of the design process. RMSD Limited technology works hard - products are exceptionally robust and reliable Over 30 years experience ensures products meet industry needs. Our ongoing programme of product review and innovation means up to date solutions to meet clients' needs To maintain quality control all final assembly, programming and testing of RMSD Limited products is conducted at our premises.
Country: New Zealand

Arc Flash Advisors Ltd., a division of Gratton Infrared Services Inc. was founded by a group of passionate electrical engineers, licensed electricians, and certified thermographers from various electrical power industries, who have been performing power systems analysis, maintenance, inspection, testing, commissioning, and forensics engineering services for the past 40 years and have incorporated the best practices from various industries into the Arc Flash Advisors Division. We are experts in arc-flash hazard analysis, relay coordination, forensics services, electrical testing, inspection, and maintenance.
Country: Canada

Offers training, testing, dispute resolution, and more.
Country: South Africa

Provides products and services related to the construction, maintenance, and testing of asphalt surfaces.
Country: United States

Indoor air quality monitoring equipment and testing; HVAC maintenance and balancing.
Country: Canada